Fresh Focus 2019

2018 brought a lot more challenges than I was prepared for. Some deep heartache. Some feelings of worthlessness, fear, instability, and a whole host of other emotions. A lot of illness and time away from work. And finally a diagnosis that will affect me for the rest of my life and that I am struggling… Continue reading Fresh Focus 2019


Jumping Is Meant To Be Scary

Just like the title says, jumping is meant to be scary. Whether it is jumping into a relationship, a friendship, a job, a new place, parenting, a life change or anything else. And by ‘jump’ I don’t mean it has to happen suddenly or at warp-speed. But the term ‘jump’ implies something that is new and… Continue reading Jumping Is Meant To Be Scary

Handing It Over Through Scripture Repetition

Recently (very recently) I was in an incredibly difficult situation in which the enemy could have easily gained a foothold. The enemy knows our weaknesses; he knows what will crush us and make us drop to our knees. He studies us and makes his mark by capitalizing on those areas in which we struggle the… Continue reading Handing It Over Through Scripture Repetition